T-shirts and Gifts at the Cat's Clips Store

Cat's Clips sells cards, T-shirts and more through CafePress and Zazzle. Choose from many unique designs printed on shirts, hats, mugs, journals and calendars, as well as holiday cards, stickers, household items and gifts. Here are just a few examples.

squirrel champagne party
Squirrel Champagne Party
drink mermaid monkey party invitations
Cocktail Mermaid Invites
squirrel hat beer mug
Squirrel Hat Beer
Squirrel with Sourgrass magnet from Cat's Clips.
Squirrel with Sourgrass
irish drinking squirrel button
Irish Drinking Squirrel
Squirrel with Shamrock sticker from Cat's Clips.
Shamrock Squirrel
cat in red car sticker
Cat in Red Car Sticker
squirrel carving jack-o-lantern card
Squirrel Carving Pumpkin Card
cat in car card
Car Driving Car Card
school on school bus card
Squirrel on School Bus Card
kitty tulips mug
Kitty Tulip Mug
graduating cat mug
Cat Graduation Mug
Cat Ukulele button from catsclips.com.
Cat Ukulele Button
Squirrel Dress Cake notecards from catsclips.com.
Squirrel Dress Cake Notecards
Squirrel on Motorcycle Postcards from catsclips.com.
Squirrel Motorcycle Postcards
kitten valentine card
Kitten Valentine Card
squirrel graduate sticker
Squirrel Graduate Sticker
shell dog postcards
Dog in Shell Postcards
kitten with book water bottle
Kitten Book Water Bottle
squirrel with butterfly coaster at cafepress
Butterfly Squirrel Coaster
squirrel with flower water bottle
Squirrel Flower Water Bottle
red rabbit green tshirt
Red Rabbit Tshirt

Puppy Flower Sticker
red mushroom dog journal at CafePress
Red Mushroom Dog Journal
Black Cat Mushrooms mug by catsclips.
Black Cat Mushrooms Mug
squirrels acorn magnet
Love Squirrels Acorn Magnet
Butterfly Cat Journal
Cat Butterfly Journal
light bulb photocard at zazzle
Light Bulb Photocard
black cat birthday card at cafepress
Black Cat Rats Birthday Card
trick or treat squirrel coaster at cafepress
Trick-or-Treat Squirrel Coaster
fall flowers puppy mug
Fall Flowers Puppy Mug
kitten clover travel mug
Kitten Clover Travel Mug
squirrel on 8 ball shotglass
Squirrel 8 Ball Shot Glass
squirrel blue guitar shirt at cafepress
Squirrel with Blue Guitar T-shirt
chicken with colored eggs ornament at CafePress
Chickens Colored Eggs Ornament
doves in wisteria card at cafepress
Doves in Wisteria Card

Pink Tulips Photo Frame
calla lily butterfly mug at zazzle
Calla Lily Butterfly Mug
harvest letterhead at zazzle
Harvest Letterhead
easter squirrel key chain at zazzle
Easter Squirrel Keychain
christmas stag ornament at cafepress
Christmas Stag Ornament
siamese cat cake birthday card at zazzle
Siamese Cat with Cake
Birthday Card
squirrel with Wine Card
Squirrel with Wine Card
sunflower photo frame card at zazzle
Sunflower Photo Frame Card
dress up suirrel magnet at cafepress
Dress Up Squirrel Magnet
peace squirrel laptop skin

Peace Squirrel Laptop Skin
doves on heart stickers at zazzle
Doves on Heart Stickers
Lily Eyeball Shirt
black cat santa card at cafepress
Black Cat Santa Card
Bird Dog Tree Journal
Bird Dog Journal
heart wings shirt from cafepress
Heart Wings Shirt
squirrel with book bag from cafepress
Squirrel with Book Bag
cat on skelton red shirt from CafePress
Skeleton on Cat Red Shirt
Japanese Lantern Mug from CafePress
Japanese Lantern Mug
deer in woods sticker from zazzle
Deer in Starry Woods Sticker
flaming jack-o-lantern sticker from CafePress
Flaming Jack-o-Lantern Sticker
black cat in leaves and pumpkins mug at cafepress
Cat in Leaves & Pumpkins Mug
dove tree christmas card at zazzle
Dove Tree Christmas Photo Card
menorah magnet at cafepress
Menorah Magnet
christmas banjo squirrel christmas card at cafepress
Banjo Squirrel Christmas Card
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