Make Your Own Stickers

You can make stickers using full sheet labels, which can be purchased from any stationery or office supply store. A full sheet label has no pre-cut boundaries. You can insert images, move them around, make them larger or smaller, and then cut your stickers up any way you choose.


Creating Stickers in Microsoft Word 2003

1. Open a new document.

2. From the top menu bar click on Insert, scroll to Picture, and select From File.

3. The “Insert Picture” menu box will appear. Locate your image and double click on it. Your image will appear in your Word document.

4. If your image is too big or small, resize it!

  • Click on your image to highlight it.
  • Grab the image by the corner by clicking and dragging it to the size you want

Obviously – you’ll want to insert enough images to fill your “full sheet label” with as many stickers as possible.

5. Highlight your image by clicking on it.

6. Copy your image by right-clicking and selecting Copy. You can also use Ctrl C.  

7. Continue hitting Ctrl V (or right-click and choose choose Paste) to fill your entire sheet with the same image.

Tip: Don’t forget to Print Preview and print a test on scratch paper first. Don't waste your labels until you're sure!

Or, insert different images by repeating the instructions above.

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