Using Borders in Publisher 2003

It is much easier to create layouts in Microsoft Publisher than in Microsoft Word. Images and text are put in separate boxes, easy to move around the page, resize and and layer.

put text in a border in Publisher

Putting a Text Box on top of a Border

1. Download the border you wish to use.

2. Open a new blank print document.

3. From the top menu bar choose Insert, then Picture, and then From File. Browse to your border and select. It will appear in a box.

Grab the side of the box to move around the page. You can resize the border by grabbing the corners and pulling in or out. Holding Shift while resizing will constrain the proportions of the image.

4. Select Insert, then Text Box. Click anywhere in your document and a box will appear. Grab a side to move it, a corner to resize it (hold shift to constrain proportions).

5. Click inside the box to type. You can change font, color or size by choosing options from the Text Toolbar.

To enable toolbars select View then Toolbars and check those you want.

NOTE: You can only work on an object if it is active and had a box around it. Click the object to activate it.

rose ribbon border with puppy

Putting a Photograph Behind a Border

If you have a GIF or PNG border with a transparent center, you can frame a photograph in Publisher.

1. Download the border you wish to use.

NOTE: Although you can also Copy and Paste the border into your document from a web page it may not remain transparent (try using a different browser).

2. Open a new blank print document.

3. On the Insert tab click Picture, then From File and browse to the border. You may resize the image by grabbing the corners and pulling in or out. Excessive enlarging may cause the image to look blurry or chunky.

4. From the Insert tab choose Picture, then From File or From Scanner or Camera. Browse to your photograph and Insert or Paste.

5. Put your photo behind the border by clicking Arrange on the top menu bar, then Order and Send to Back. Make sure the picture is active (the box is around it) by clicking into it.

If your photograph is too big, you can crop it. First bring it back on top by selecting Arrange from the top menu bar, then Order and Bring to Front. Then pick Crop from the Picture Toolbar.

To show the Picture Toolbar go to View on the top menu bar, select Toolbars and check Pictures.

NOTE: If you are using an animated GIF border and want to view it as animated you must save it as a .mht or .htm and open with a browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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