Animated GIF Borders

Only $2 for each animated border you download. Embellish your PowerPoint presentations, frame your favorite photographs, create your own ecards or decorate your website.

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What can you do with an animated border?

Dress up your presentations: Insert an animated GIF into a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. Then add words or more images on top. If the center of the border is transparent, you can use PowerPoint to frame your photographs. Animated Borders in PowerPoint 2007

You can also upload an animated GIF to one of many online animated GIF creation websites where you can resize, add or remove transparency or add your own text.

Then take your image and post on your blog or a photo sharing site that hosts animated GIFs such as Photobucket.

Animated GIF Info: Useful tips on viewing and emailing animated GIFs.

Framing with Animated Borders
Learn how to frame your own photographs or text using common programs like Microsoft Word, Publisher and PowerPoint as well as Photoshop CS and Elements.
Using Animated GIF Borders
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