About the Images

What program do you use to make your graphics and animations?

The images all begin as drawings, watercolors, linocuts or photographs. They are then manipulated in Adobe Photoshop and are animated using Ulead's GIF Animator 5.

What is an animated GIF?

An animation created by combining multiple GIF images in one file. The images, when displayed one after another, appear to move.

Which images are free?

Everything you see on Cat's Clips is free for your use. Just don't use them for profit.

Is it okay to use your graphics since they are copyrighted?

By having a copyright on my graphics, this means they are my original creations, I retain rights to them. You may use them for personal use, school or other nonprofit use. They are not to be placed in a collection on the web or resold as part of a collection of images. If you would like to use an image commercially, please contact us at: customerservice@catsclips.com.

I would like a special image, would you make it for me?

Probably. Email us with your request and we'll send you a price quote.


Saving and Viewing the Images

How do I download the images?

The quick answer is right-click the image to copy or save to your computer. If you need more detailed help, please see our section on saving Images.

I have AOL and the images turn into .art files when I save them.

Go into settings, find Internet (web) options and make sure that the image compression is turned off.

How do I insert an animated GIF into PowerPoint?

You must download the image to your computer first. Then in PowerPoint use the Insert command (on the top left), choose Picture and browse to find the image. The animated GIF will not move unless you are in slideshow mode.

I have Vista and I can't open the animated GIFs or they open as still images only.

Unfortunately Vista doesn't support animated GIFs. You'll need to open them with a browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox or download an Image reader such as Irfan.

When I saved an animated GIF to my computer it no longer moves.

1. Try to open the image in a browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer. 2. Check the properties by right clicking on the image. If the name no longer has .gif on the end, then you need to go back to the original image; right click and choose save or save as and replace the .bmp extension with .gif and then save.

I copied an animated border from the website into a PowerPoint slide and it no longer has a transparent center.

Save the image to your hard drive first and then use the Insert Picture command and it should retain it's transparency.

I'm using Leopard and when I download an animated GIFs it no longer moves. Instead it displays as a series of still frames.

Unfortunately Leopard doesn't support animated GIFs. You'll need to open them with a browser such as Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer or download an Image reader such as Irfan (all free). You can also open an animated GIF with QuickTime. To open an animated GIF, place the curser over the image then Ctrl-click. Choose the option Open With and select a program to view the image.


Emailing Images

I can't insert images into my email

In most email programs that lack "insert" commands you can still embed "live" images from a website into your email. Make sure your settings are for html - not text only. Right click on the image you want to send, select copy, then paste into your email.

When I insert an animated GIF into AOL Webmail it doesn't move.

Unlike the desktop version of AOL, when an animated GIF is inserted using the "insert pictures" command it will not move. To add an animated GIF to your email you can copy it from a website or an email and paste it into the email.

I copied an image from the website into my email and there is a line around it.

If you copy an image with a link embedded in it, a border will appear around the image letting you know that it is a clickable image. If you would rather not send a link then click through to our image detail page and select an image to send.



Most of the projects have instructions for Microsoft Word 2000-2004, will you be adding instructions for Word 2007?

Yes, soon. For now, we have only Borders for Text and Borders for Photos using Microsoft Word 2007.

Why are my images blurry when I enlarge them in Word?

The images on our website are low resolution. If you would like to print them out large you should buy the CD to get the highest resolution images.

When I try to paste an image into Word the paste command is grayed out.

Make sure you open your document in Word first before you copy the image.


Help with Downloading

I purchased a Border or an Instant Download Collection but closed the window before I downloaded. How can I get my images?

Open your confirmation email. Near the bottom you will find this sentence: "You can always find out the current status of your order by going to" followed by a unique URL begriming with: https://order.store.yahoo.net/OS/stat?yhst followed by a string of numbers. Copy and Paste the entire URL into the address bar of your browser. You will be returned to the Order Status page. At the bottom you must ender your credit card number as identification. You will not be charged again. You will then be taken back to the page where the Download button is located near the top on right hand side.

Why do the images that I save off the website have smaller file sizes than the same image I purchased from one of the download collections?

The images on the website are optimized. This makes the files smaller so the page will load up faster, but they won't be quite as crisp as the images from the download collections or the CD.


Buying Borders and Other Images

I'd like to buy some clip art but I'm worried. Are you a secure site?

Yes. Our Yahoo Store is protected by SSL - you'll see the s in https when you reach the secure area in the checkout process. We also use PayPal - a safe way to shop on the web. And we don't share your info or email with anyone. Ever.

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